Select conference papers published in Antipode special issue

We are very pleased to report that several of the papers from this event have been published in a special issue of Antipode: A Radical Journal of Geography. The print version is due out later this year (2014), but as of August 2014, all of the published papers were also freely available online, here. 


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Thank you!

Thanks to all of our presenters, discussants, volunteers and the wonderful crowd (from across the country!) that filled the session rooms all day long. The symposium turned out to be a truly wonderful event that exceeded our expectations. We will keep the abstracts online for your reference and hope to see you all again soon.

–Rachel Brahinsky, Laura-Anne Minkoff-Zern, and Jade Sasser, the organizers

You can continue to reach us at rbrahinsky (at)

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Race, Space and Nature: A One-Day Symposium

To register and to see the schedule, please click on the tabs above. The call for papers is now closed. We are looking forward to seeing you on April 27.


Call for Papers:

This conference aims to open up dialogue among graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, faculty, and independent scholars who critically engage with analytics of race/racialization and ‘the environment’, broadly conceived.  We are interested in understanding how scholars understand the experiences, practices, creativities, political economies and subjectivities of racialized groups in relationship to the spaces that they move through and create: the environment, nature and cities. In what ways do racialized experiences and identities come to structure narratives, practices, and politics in relationship to built and “natural” environments? If racialization occurs in and through places, how are these processes sedimented or resisted by people? How do racial constructs connect to spatial/environmental ones and vice versa – and why does it matter?

Interdisciplinary scholars have developed a large body of literature that considers the role of race/racialization in the context of spatial inequality, marginalization and oppression. Increasingly, scholars have interrogated the roles of agency and innovation in environmental practice among various racial groups, including the forms through which racial analytics help to shape those interactions.  This one-day conference will critically engage these questions in order to ask: How do issues of race and racialization intersect with spatial/environmental/territorializing practices, discourses, and politics in the contemporary moment? We seek papers from a variety of theoretical, disciplinary, and methodological perspectives. This includes but is not limited to topics such as:

  • racialized access to resources;
  • the role of race in global environmental discourses and politics;
  • activist practice;
  • social movements;
  • international development;
  • intersectional engagements with race, gender, sexuality and class;
  • political ecolog(ies) of race, space, and urban environmental practice;
  • the rise and fall of cities;
  • environmental and climate justice;
  • critical food studies.

The  event is open to the public, free, and includes lunch with registration, as funds allow.  We will conclude with a keynote from UC Berkeley Assistant Professor Carolyn Finney (ESPM), in dialogue with UC Berkeley Assistant Professor Jake Kosek (Geography).

This call for papers is closed, we’ll see you on April 27!

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